How to create a new listing?

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You can create unlimited free listings on our website as long as the website(s) you’re listing are money-making websites.

Create a listing #

First, you will need to signup to our website, this can be done by email, Google, or Facebook (Soon).

If you are already registered and have checked if the site you want to add doesn’t exist on our website. Click on the top button “Add a listing”.

ITL Menu

Now you will be redirected to the listing types.

ITL Add a website

Click on the listing type you want to add a site to.

Now you will see a pricing page. You can add a new listing for free, click on the “Add a website” package. You can also upgrade your listing, but you can also do it later if you want.

ITL Packages

Follow all the steps from the setup and give the correct information that’s asked.

When you’re done, submit your listing and an admin will approve your listing within 24 hours.

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