PicturePunches.com Review: Scam or Legit?

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Love to make memes and other humorous content? Why not make money from it? It’s possible with PicturePunches! Learn more about how the site works and start earning.

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PicturePunches is back!

How works PicturePunches?

If you’re a creative person and like to make funny memes and photos then is PicturePunches something for you. You simply make a meme for example and some users want to see your meme, you will earn some cents.

The users don’t have to pay for anything at all!

How does that work?

Every meme or photo has a sponsored banner below and the more people see your creation(s), the more money you will get. You will get paid with the ad revenue and donations (by users).

Start earning

If you just signed up you will see that you can’t directly earn money. You need to complete one of the 2 required steps. The first step is to upload 20 pictures, this is something good since after this your 20 pictures will start generating revenue. The other way is to visit the site for 7 days.


If you have reached $1 you’re ready to cash out to PayPal. You don’t have to wait long since payments can take up to 1 hour.


PicturePunches is a nice way for memers to earn some extra dollars while sharing their memes to the community. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough proof to assign the “legit” status. If you got paid by PicturePunches, feel free to send us your proof on our contact page.

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