Review: Scam or Legit?

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TheCryptoFaucet is like the name says it a faucet where you can claim 9 different coins with low withdrawal amounts and no annoying ads.


There are multiple reports from users that haven’t received their payments. We also have a pending payment with them. We’ll keep you updated.

How to earn on TheCryptoFaucet?

TheCryptoFaucet Claim

Earning is done like any other faucet but here aren’t annoying ads nor popups and not even shortlinks! When claiming you will see the first time information about the coin and then followed by 2 ads that they have made.

They support 9 coins which are: Dogecoin, Dash, Tron, Bean Cash, Steem, Bytecoin, Siacoin, Verge, DigiByte, and Litecoin. So as you can see, TheCryptoFaucet supports many coins that are not so famous.

There is a timer on the faucet, you can only claim once in 9 hours.

Referral program

If you invite people by using your referral link you will receive 50% of their earnings as long they are active on the site! You can set up a coin you would like to collect and what your referrals earn will automatically be converted into the coin you wish.


Withdrawing your earnings on the site can be done very fast because they don’t have a big minimum amount that you need to collect before you can request a payout. Let’s see what the minimum are per coin and the small fees.

CoinMin. AmountFeesNo fees
Dogecoin3 Doge1 Doge+200 Doge
Litecoin0.00210 LTC0.00010 LTC+0.0100 LTC
DigiByte1.20 DGB0.20 DGB+40 DGB
Bytecoin3 BCN1 BCN+200 BCN
Siacoin1.20 SC0.20 SC+40 SC
Steem0.020 Steem0.010 Steem+1000 Steem
Tron1.20 TRX0.20 TRX+40 TRX
Verge0.60 XVG0.30 XVG+60 XVG
Bean CashComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon

TheCryptoFaucet is a legit faucet that has a very low min. payout and no annoying ads or shortlinks. Claiming can be done every 9 hours and your coins are sent directly to your wallet within a few minutes.

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