Welcome ITL

Welcome on the IsThisLegit Blog!

We’re glad to announce the launch of a new service. IsThisLegit is a site where you can learn how to make money online. So you don’t need any experience to start your journey!

Tell me how?

We’re currently working on the main website which will be the portal of our service. On that site, you can start learning how the online money making world works. We made a collection of good sites where you can start and of course tutorials and guides. So you aren’t alone on your journey.

Is IsThisLegit Free?

In one word, Yes! IsThisLegit is free and will always be. We want to guide you on your journey. When most people start, they don’t have extra/spare money to pay for courses. And it’s not needed, not now, not in the future.

What can I expect?

As I told you before, the main website isn’t ready yet. On that site, you will find Tutorials, guides, and the best sites to start your earning journey. We focus to make our tutorials and guides for people with all levels of experience. So if you’re new, you can also follow along. Here’s a list of our plans.

  • Guides: Written guides to help you understand how things work.
  • Tutorials: How to use sites/are they Legit?
  • Best Sites: Our recommended sites where you as a beginner can start.

This is only a small list of things we want to create. This list will grow and get bigger as we can complete most points from the list above.

What Can I find on the Blog?

On our blog, we will share news about IsThisLegit but also some articles about the money-making strategies and reviews. It’s the perfect place to keep updated about ways that you can use to earn.

We will also share news on our Social Media Pages so you will be up to date.


There is still some work for us to do! But, we’ll get there! If you want to keep updated about IsThisLegit, make sure to follow us on Social Media and never miss an update.