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IsThisLegit is an online directory of money-making websites maintained by users around the world. Users can create new listings, edit existing listings, and add reviews to listings.

We interpret money-making websites as websites where you as the “user” can earn some extra money.

Registration and use of the website

Registering and using the website is free and will always be.

If you want to participate on our website, you will need to create an account. You are allowed to make one account. We do not share your personal details that you’ve used to signup, we use this information to enhance our service for you.

We allow the use of 3rd-party websites such as Google and Facebook for registering to our website. If you don’t want to share your info with those companies, you can always register an account with us.

By using our website you agree to our Term of Service (ToS), Listing Rules and Privacy policy.

Website Content

As stated before, IsThisLegit is maintained by users from around the world. We don’t own any of the content from the listed websites nor the websites themself.


Every new listing needs admin approval before it goes live. Edits can be done without admin approval, but can only be done by the author of the listing (which can be seen on the listing profile).

On every listing profile is a “Report” button which can be used to report inappropriate listings to our team. We take reports very seriously and if a user is found breaking any of the rules, we can remove the rights to edit that listing for that user or terminate their account.


Our users can create reviews with proof(s) to show if a website is legitimate. We only allow honest reviews, but keep it friendly. In terms of the use of an affiliate link, see down below.

Affiliate links

We love our users and to give something back to them, we allow the use of affiliate links. This means that users may insert their affiliate link (from the listed website) into the “Website” button. This is the only place that affiliate links are allowed when creating/editing a profile page. You may insert your affiliate link into your review as you have provided a payment proof.


“We” or “IsThisLegit” do not own any of the reviewed sites. We do not warrant that all the information contained on our website is complete or accurate at the time you read the information. Due to the fact we’re not in charge of the money-making sites. We do try to keep everything updated and update outdated information into the new information.

Investments, deposits, and working on the money-making sites are at your own risk. We do not advise you to invest in any kind of money-making site, making investments is at your own responsibility.


Purchases can be done on the website to promote your listing(s) but also to upgrade your listing(s).


We do not allow refunds as most of the payment options are cheap and therefore will double the transaction fees.


If you’re experiencing trouble after a payment please contact us first.

Charge-backs can lead into an account termination.

ToS Updates

We can update our ToS without publicly sharing the changes. You can keep an eye on this page to stay informed.

Last update: 23/Jul/2020