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Scam List

This is our scam list, here you can find all the sites assigned by us as a scam. So in other words, they are not paying and are made to steal your money and waste your time. Side note: We update this scam list frequently.

Do you have more scam sites?

Have you found more scam sites? Feel free to send us an email with the sites on our contact page. We’re very thankful for your help!

A (GPT) (AD Network) (Exchange) (AD Network) (PTP) (AD Network) (Exchange) (HYIP) (HYIP)

B (PTC) (Faucet) (Cloud Mining) (BTC generator) (GPT) (Cloud Mining) (Faucet) (Faucet) (HYIP) (Faucet) (faucet) (Faucet) (PTC) (SCAM method)

C (GPT) (Cloud Mining) (Unsafe – Stay Away) (HYIP) (HYIP) (GPT) (GPT) (HYIP) (Faucet) (Faucet) (HYIP) (Selling your info – Stay away)

D (Exchange) (Faucet) (Cloud Mining) (Cloud Mining)

E (GPT) (GPT) (GPT) (Closed) (GPT) (Cloud Mining) (Closed) (?) (HYIP) (Exchange)

Febbit (Faucet) (Giveaway) (BTC Generator)

G (PTC) (Faucet) (Closed) (GPT) (HYIP) (HYIP) (Cloud Mining) (Exchange)


I (Cloud Mining) (GPT) (GPT) (PTC) (HYIP)

J (Faucet)


L (GPT) (Faucet) (GPT) (Faucet) (Faucet) (PTP) (HYIP)

M (Cloud mining) (Cloud Mining) (HYIP) (GPT) (GPT) (Ecommerce) (Faucet) (HYIP) (PTP)

P (GPT) (GPT) (PTC) (GPT) (GPT) (BTC Generator) (AD Network) (AD Network) (Faucet) (BTC Generator) (Exchange)

R (GPT) (GPT) (HYIP) (Cloud Mining) (HYIP) (Faucet) (HYIP)

S (Faucet) (Faucet) (URL Shortener) (Cloud mining) (HYIP) (HYIP)

T (GPT) (Closed)

U (Cloud Mining)

V (AD Network) (?) (HYIP)

W (Closed)

Z (URL Shortener) (Faucet)