topshort banner Review: Scam or Legit?

TopShort is a URL shortener with high payout rates and a low minimum withdrawal requirement. Monetize your URL(s) with TopShort today!

Status (24th of July):

We’ve moved TopShort to the scam section since the site does not longer exist.


Name: TopShort
Type: URL Shortener
Location: Netherlands

Withdrawal: min. $5
Withdraw to: Bitcoin Wallet, PayPal, Payeer
Referral commission: 30%

Earn on TopShort

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Shorten your URL(s) and make a commission from it up to $20 for 1000 views! A view is counted as 1 view per IP in 24 hours.

Allowed traffic

Almost all traffic is allowed (including faucets, Adult), you’re not allowed to use bot traffic and fake traffic.

Top 5 countries

  1. Iceland – $20/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  2. Andorra – $15/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  3. USA – $12/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  4. UK – $10/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  5. Netherlands – $10/1000 views (PC&Mobile)

Start Earning

TopShort is listed as a scam site.