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Uiz.io Review: Scam or Legit?

Uiz.io is a URL Shortener that pays you for promoting your URL(s)!


Name: Uiz
Type: URL Shortener
Location: Unknown

Withdrawal: Min. $3
Withdraw to: PayPal, Bitcoin Wallet, Payeer, and WebMoney
Referral commission: 20%

Earn on Uiz

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Shorten your URL(s) and make a commission from it up to $5 for 1000 views! A view is counted as 1 view per IP in 24 hours.

Disallowed traffic

You are not allowed to use fake, bot, pop-up, PTC, faucets, links/ads exchangers and redirect loops traffic.

Top 5 countries

  1. New Zealand – $5/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  2. Australia – $5/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  3. UK – $4,5/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  4. USA – $4,5/1000 views (PC&Mobile)
  5. Canada – $4/1000 views (PC&Mobile)

Start earning

Unfortunately, we don’t have proof of this program yet! Feel free to send your proofs on our contact page.