coinpayu banner Review: Scam or Legit?

Earn Satoshis for viewing websites on CoinPayU and cash out to your Bitcoin wallet.

How to earn on CoinPayU?

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You will get rewarded for viewing the website from users. Navigate to “View ads” to choose if you want to earn by Surfing ads or Active window ads. There are approximately 400 satoshis to earn per day.

You can also earn from their offer wall, they have 12 offer walls and some of them are high paying for surveys.


They have now and then a contest running. This is an offer contest where the top 25 people will earn some extra dollars. The first person in the contest wins $500!


You can buy referrals on the market to earn more. Please keep in mind that not all the listed referrals pay! There is a chance that you will lose all the money you have invested in.


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Increase your earnings with a paid membership. There are 3 premium memberships available: Junior Partner, Medium Partner, and Senior Partner.

The Junior Partner membership costs you 35.000 satoshis/month and gives you 200% earnings on the surfing, 15% from referrals, and 10% on the offer walls from your referrals.

The Medium Partner membership costs you 100.000 satoshis/month and gives you 300% earnings on the surfing, 20% from referrals, and 12% on the offer walls from your referrals.

The last premium plan, the Senior Partner membership costs you 300.000 satoshis/month and gives you 400% earnings on the surfing, 50% from referrals, and 15% on the offer walls from your referrals.

Referral program

You will earn as a free member 10% of the earnings from your referrals. This amount will increase if you have a premium plan. You can also sell referrals on the market and get paid for it.


Once you have reached 10.000 satoshis you can withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin Wallet.


CoinPayU is a Bitcoin paid-to-surf site with a wide variety of offer walls and a contest where you could earn up to $500! They pay to your Bitcoin wallet once you have reached 10.000 satoshis.