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EarnCoins.gg Review: Scam or Legit?

Earncoins is a GPT (Get Paid To) program that rewards its users with Paypal, Crypto, Steam games, Amazon gift cards, and virtual items.
Let’s find out more about the site.

Site Offline (31/05):

It looks like the site is offline. We’ll keep you updated!

How to earn?

Earning on Earncoins isn’t hard! They have 8 offer walls and 4 video offer walls. Apart from that they also have 2 mining options where you can use your computer to mine for crypto.

There are even more ways to earn! You can participate in raffles and giveaways. Want something more challenging? Play a one-vs-one game against another member of the site and bet coins. Also, be sure to check their social media account for random promo codes.

Referral program

EarnCoins has a referral program with 3 levels. You will start with 5% of the coins your referral has earned throughout an offer. If you have 15 referrals your cut will upgrade to 7% and eventually you will get a 10% cut if you have referred +30 people.


You can choose between some payment options if you’re ready to cash out. If you’re into gaming, the option Steam Games and OPSkinsCSGOShop and BitSkins are the options made for you. Don’t worry if you’re not a gamer! You can also cash out your earnings to PayPala Cryptocurrency, or an Amazon Gift card.

The minimum payout required for PayPal is $2.50 and for the cryptocurrency, the option is $0.50 to Coinbase or your wallet. If you would like to get Bitcoin to your wallet, you’ll need to collect at least enough coins to get $1.00.

EarnCoins Community

EarnCoins is also a community themed which means that you can chat with other users, level up while doing offers, and be part of the leaderboard so you can win extra coins.


EarnCoins is a scam.