Earnsats.co Review: Scam or Legit?

Earn Bitcoin by claiming from the faucet, completing offers or use the PTC option.

Status: (31st of May 2020)

We’ve changed the status of this program to “Scam” as users are losing their earnings when they try to withdraw.

Earn on EarnSats

Earsats Dashboard

You can start earning Satoshis by completing offers from the supported offerwalls which are at the moment: AdGem, OfferToro, AdGate, Adscend. If you’re not into completing offers, don’t worry! You can also use the PTC option and visit users their ads to earn satoshis.

Still not convinced?

You can claim every 45 minutes from the faucet which is very easy and user-friendly. You’ll see a max of 3 ads and a Google Recaptcha. The rewards depend on how much luck you have.

There are also short links which you can complete.


EarnSats Coins

You’re not directly earning Satoshis. The site currency is a coin that is equal to the US Dollar and managed by a 3rd party. The rates depend on the market value of the US Dollar and you can see how much one coin worth is on the site itself.

Loyalty Bonus

Earnsats Loyalty

Earn a loyalty bonus when you complete an offer or survey for 7 days in a row. This might seem much but you will earn 1.000 coins as a bonus + all the offers.

Referral program

Earn 10% for every offer your referral(s) complete. Click on the banner to receive a bonus of 500 coins when you register!

Earn Sats - Earn free bitcoin


You can request for a direct withdrawal once you have reached 5.000 coins.


EarnSats is listed as a Scam GPT site where you won’t get rewarded for completing offers, short links, PTC ads, and claiming from the faucet. Get started today and enjoy a bonus of 500 coins!