neobux banner Review: Scam or Legit?

NeoBux is a GPT site that’s doing business since 2008. Get paid to complete offers, click on ads, and much more!

How to earn on NeoBux?

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Eaning on NeoBux is very simple, you can choose between a few options. Let’s take a look at all those options where you can earn from.

PTC wall

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There is a PTC wall or a Paid To Click wall in understandable English. As the name says, you will get paid if you click on advertisements. All the Fixed Advertisements will earn you around $0.001 per click.

Mini Jobs

The second way to earn on the site is by completing mini jobs or small tasks. You will use the service Figure Eight to complete the tasks and start earning. Don’t worry you don’t need to install anything in order to use Figure Eight. The amount that you will earn depends on the task you are completing.


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Like most money-making sites you can complete surveys, these are high-paying offers that will let you the opportunity to earn more. You have 2 sections with surveys. The first one is called “Survey Opportunities” these are some high-paying surveys that can get you more than $5.30 per survey! The second option is the “Daily Surveys” where you can earn around $1.30 – $0.30 per survey.


Yes, games! You can get rewarded by playing online games for at least 2 minutes. For this effort, you will earn every 2 minutes $0.001 with a maximum of 100 sessions per day. (which are 100x2minutes of playing)


Here’s the last one for earning methods on NeoBux. Offers are like any other money-making site. You complete tasks and you will get rewarded for it. So the amount that you can earn depends on the task that you have to complete.

Referral program

NeoBux‘s referral program can be used when your account is older than 15 days and you have made at least 100 clicks. These are the requirements in order to get some direct referrals.

Now, “How much will you earn from your referrals?” is the question. Well, let me show it to you. A direct referral will get you as a Standard member for fixed ads $0.0005 and for a Golden Member is this $0.0050 per click.


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I told you about a Standard membership and a Golden Membership but what’s the difference? Well as the name of “Standard member” says, it’s standard which means everyone has this membership when he/she has signed up.

Now a Golden Membership can be bought when your account is 15 days old and you have seen 50 ads. After that, you can go ahead and upgrade your account to earn more.

Earn more? Yes, as I told you in the referral program, the Golden Membership has a higher referral commission and you will earn more by yourself because instead of earning for “Fixed Ads” $0.001 per click you will now earn $0.010 per click. Note: Making an investment is at your own risk! Read our disclaimer to learn more.


I think you’re now interested in the payout options and the minimum requirement to get your cash. If you’re new on the site, you will need to earn at least $2 to cash out. This amount will rise with $1 every cash out until it has reached $10. This is the min. requirement that you will need to have before you can cash out.

You can cash out your earnings to Neteller, Skrill, or AirTM.


NeoBux is listed as a legit GPT site that has been doing business since 2008 and has paid members over $40.000 since then. It has a low min. payout for new members and some high-paying surveys that will boost your earnings for sure!